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Our website contains a huge collection of Free Christmas wallpapers. All wallpapers can by downloaded very quickly and are completely free. You can browse our wallpapers from the navigation on the right or view the most recent wallpapers listed below or the most popular wallpapers listed to the left. We have following Christmas wallpapers for your desktop: Christmas Candles, Christmas Candies, Christmas Cats, Christmas Dogs, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Lights, Christmas Nature, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Paintings, Christmas Trees, Christmas Wreaths, New Year, Santa Claus, Snowman and much more...

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Christmas Mistletoe Myths

There are many old stories involving mistletoes. Vikings believed that mistletoe could bring the dead back to life. One of their Gods.[...]

Christmas Gifts

For many people the main focus of Christmas is the gifts. Children are excited by the prospect of receiving presents and the adults spend a long time shopping for the right thing and hunting for bargains all through the year. Gift giving does seem to stem from the belief that gifts were presented to Christ [...]

Tips on selecting a Christmas tree at a retail lot

Christmas trees can be tricky things to buy, which is why many people opt for having artificial ones. However, there are some ways to help ensure that the tree you choose is a good one.[...]

Christmas Mistletoe

Mistletoe is a tradition for Christmas in many countries. It is also traditional to kiss underneath it but many people do not know what started this tradition and why we do it. The word mistletoe was derived form anglo-saxon words. The word mistel meant dung and tan meant twig. [...]

Christmas Tree Types

There can be a big difference between different types of Christmas trees. Some are not available in some areas and so where you live may be a factor in determining the types that you get to choose from. For example Noble or Douglas firs are most popular in the Pacific Northwest whereas in North Carolina [...]

Christmas Traditions

There are many Christmas traditions. Some families have their own ways of celebrating, particular food they like to eat, ways they like to decorate, songs they like to sing etc. Many of the traditions that we tend to follow date back a long way but some may be much more modern than we may realize. [...]

History of Christmas

Many people think that the history of Christmas is simply all about the birth of Christ, the presents stemming form the gifts that he was given. However, it dates back much further and many of the traditions stem from very varied places. Europeans used to celebrate the Winter Solstice which is the longest night. They [...]

5 Beautiful Christmas Cards 2011

New Year and Christmas 2011 Holidays are very near, so we bring you 5 beautiful Christmas Cards you can use for free. Download them bellow and send to your family and friends for upcoming Christmas and New Year Holidays. They are high quality and high resolution Christmas Cards: Christmas Card 01 Christmas Card 02 Christmas [...]

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