46 Best Christmas Gifts For Moms and Lovely Ladies 2018

best christmas gifts for moms

If you are looking for a best Christmas gift for your Mom, one that she will appreciate and be able to use, remember that just like you, your Mom and every other special lady in your life, is complicated and has many aspects to her daily life.

On top of this, she also has many additional aspects of her life that set her apart as an individual among her friends and family.

She might be an avid chef or the one who everyone in the family turns to for help with crafts projects, or she might be the county's best green thumb.

She could also be a workaholic who puts in more hours at the office than she does at home, demonstrating her loyalty to her company.

Finding that special spot in her heart can help you find the perfect gift for her, one that she'll be 'oooh-ing' and 'ah-ing' over for a long time to come.

The Best 2018 Christmas Gifts For Moms

sleep mask

If you are buying something for someone who works a lot and seems to sleep rarely, even at night, you can help increase the amount of time they can get some shut-eye by giving a simple gift.

A sleep mask shuts out the light; a helps people rest, even if only for a few minutes, and even if they don't completely drift off to sleep. The difference between a nap on the couch without a sleep mask and one with are like night and day.

A picnic backpack is a new twist on the traditional picnic basket and is a great choice for Moms, who want everything to have its place.

This one easily carries everything needed for a picnic, from the blanket to the bottle of wine.​

fivefingers running shoes

The latest in running shoes, these will be a treasure to her when running and jogging. Don't forget to enclose a pair or two of socks in the same style!

These would also be something that would be great paired up with any exercise wear for an entirely new outfit.

the 4 hour chef

A fantastic way to get her excited about living and eating well, for both her and the entire family.

This book isn't only about cooking recipes, but about entertaining, too, and all that that entails.

Five-Star Terry Robe

This is a piece of luxury that will show her you care about her and know that she needs that spa treatment every once in a while or even every day.

Perfect for after showering or bathing, or just when she wants to relax, high spa-quality, this is also great for the woman who loves swimming in the pool.

Wish Lanterns

Completely biodegradable, these wish lanterns to come in a pack of ten, perfect for a wish party on still, cool nights.

Make sure you have your camera ready for when the wish lanterns float up and away, lighting up the night sky – you'll want to make sure you have photos of her reaction.

Bath Bombs

A great improvement on the traditional bath soaps and salts of yesteryear, these bath bombs are sure to take her mind off her troubles, and help her fully relax.

Full of invigorating scents, these are perfect for that woman who has a high-stress occupation.

Envirosax Market Bag

This beautiful bag is the perfect choice for quick runs to the grocery store. For the lady who wants to up the amount of living green in her life, this tote is perfect for her.

Different designs to choose from, maybe you should get more than just one.

Sephora Collection Blockbuster

A makeup collection that brings out the diva in any woman, no matter her age, is perfect for many Moms.

Bold is in, and this makeup will help her make a bold statement whenever she feels like it.

Burberry Brit Eau De Parfum

This classic perfume is sure to get others to notice her.

Don't worry that she may already have this fragrance – nobody can resist this and more is always better!

Le Creuset Honey Pots

This little honey pot comes with its dipper, keeping sweets where they belong.

Adorable, don't be shocked when this becomes one of her favorite knick knacks, and you find There is no honey.

Le Creuset French Oven

Don't forget to include cooking utensils and a set of hot pads!

Kindle Paperwhite

For the lady who is also an avid reader, help her declutter the house of books and magazines and get her this instead. It's portable and easily read anywhere.

Holds over a thousand books, so she's sure to be able t find something that is more than enjoyable to read!

Boo Plush

An adorable stuffed animal for grown-ups? Yes, and Boo even has his book, and that would be another great gift!

Barefoot Contessa Foolproof

A perfect cookbook that keeps cooking foolproof, resulting in perfect meals every time.

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

The perfect cookbook for those who want to show their family and friends how much they are loved and appreciated.

Magic Mike XXL

A sequel to the first movie, including sequins and thongs, as well as the original crew. If she liked the first part, she's sure to like this also.

Lomography Diana F+ Camera

Flashes and flashbacks abound in this camera. Make sure you look picture-perfect before handing this to her gift-wrapped.


Every chef needs one of these. While cooking is impossible without cookware, it takes a herb garden to create a chef from a cook. Fresh herbs and spices are always a necessity in any chef's repertoire.

Miniature EcoSphere

Move over MagicMonkeys, this is for big kids! Complete with algae, this EcoSphere provides at least a couple of years of enjoyment.

Very low maintenance, it provides the same amount of entertainment as an aquarium.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

With no two being the same, this lamp is made from an actual chunk of Himalayan salt. Ambient light emanates from the salt, providing a relaxing glow. Just always keep dry, and keep animals from licking this lamp

Tag Heuer Diamond Watch

The perfect gift to show a lovely lady in your life how much you appreciate her and her efforts over the years in helping you.

Perfect for aunts, sisters, cousins, wives, and long-time girlfriends.

Lafco Soap Set

15 tiny soaps are perfect for the woman who travels but dislikes hotel soaps.

Five different colors in a box set, this is an easy-to-travel essential.

Dyson Pedestal Fan

No blades, so it's perfectly safe, this fan rotates in a full circle, making it easy to cool off with even n the hottest of days.

Curtis Stone Oil Can

Aanother perfect gift for the aspiring chef in your life. This can allow chefs, and just regular cooks, to pour the exact amount of oil desired.

No more waste, or messy countertops and bottles that cause them!

Kitchenaid Professional Stand Mixer

Easy-to-care-for stainless steel, this mixer is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

KitchenAid is a well-known name with a couple of generations growing up on treats made by this company's gadgets.

Keurig K60

Coffee is something every busy woman wants, and this lets her prepare a cup at a time, and quickly, too.

Perfect cups of coffee whenever she wants one.

Bodymedia Link

Wearable information that will provide her with the encouragement to keep up with her exercise regimen.

Perfect for the lady who wants to be in better shape.

Lucky Guide To Mastering Any Style

Showing off her style, no matter what it is, is so much easier when it's perfected.

This book will show her how to create her style that will provide her with the confidence she deserves.

Jawbone Jambox

Connects to any multimedia device equipped with BlueTooth, the Jambox will get her the attention she secretly craves.

Super speakers can carry beautiful music for her anywhere she goes.


Is something that any iPod owner should have.

This case allows you to fold it up so it can be used as a stand, in addition to being carried as a super-durable case.

Sculpted Jewelry Tree

A beautiful sculpture that looks perfect with or without jewelry, the necklaces that are draped across its branches are kept off the counter and on the beveled tray underneath.

Pearl Drop Earrings

These classic earrings are so elegant and yet simple enough to be worn every day instead of only at special functions.

Baby Elephant Ring Holder

Super cute, this stylish baby elephant wants to hold as many rings as he can.

The perfect complement to any dresser, it's also a perfect way to introduce other items, such as rings and bracelets.

Garden Kneeler

This is a perfect gift for the woman who loves gardening and caring for plants.

Along with a pair of new gloves, she'll be all set for next spring.

Earth Glo Candle Set

These candles are made so that different inspiring words will be illuminated.

Perfect for the writer or any other woman who likes to contemplate life.

Eva Solo Tea Bag

For the tea drinker, this does away with messy tea bags but keeps the tea flowing, in individual cups, of course.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Bring into any home different scents, and you instantly change the mood.

This is a gift that she can share with anyone in the room with her. Easy to use, this gift will be one of her favorites for years to come.

Electric Fondue Maker

Fondue, a favorite, is something even the worst cook can make, and easily, too.

If you need a gift that will encourage cooking skills that might seem horrible, giving this will encourage them to keep trying, or simply settle for something easier.

Rachel Ray Nonstick Bakeware

Bring out the best in the cook in your life with this set from Rachel Ray.

If your Mom is a fan, this is the perfect way to thank you for all those home cooked meals over the years.

Cuisinart Cordless Electric Kettle

Tea and coffee lovers alike will love this gift. Easy to clean, this kettle makes a high tea tech with its different settings.

Zojirushi Breadmaker

Better than store bought bread, this breadmaker produces perfect bread every time.

There is no need to worry about under-kneading the dough before popping it into the oven.

Sunbeam Cupcake Maker

If you are shopping for someone who reminisces about her toy oven that baked when she was a girl, this is the perfect gift for her.

Makes half a dozen cupcakes in ten minutes, perfect for sharing with you.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Makes three sets of three pops before needing to be recharged in his freezer again, she can make her popsicles and creamsicles with this sweet little kitchen gadget.

Dyson Dc35 Slim

A cordless vacuum always makes cleaning easier.

This one is also lightweight enough that it won't be a chore just getting it out to use.

iphone armband

If your mom is runner or is doing any kind of workout activity, this lovely armband will be big and very useful surprise for her.

These armbands are perfect for runners because the mobile phones are secure and safe inside them. Some, like this one, also have LED lights for low light activities.

Sometimes, you shouldn't stop at just one gift, but two or more is better. This is because when you buy something that is brand new to the recipient, they might not have the extra items needed to enjoy your gift. Sometimes, and probably a low of the time, your gift gets laid to the side, to be used later, on some day in the future, after the other needed items are purchased. Unfortunately, sometimes this day never comes.

Because that isn't something you want to happen, you should consider purchasing the extra items that go along with your gift. If you purchase a cooking gadget, make sure the utensils are also given, as a new gift, even if she already has them. Nothing makes a cook, or chef, feel worse than having to use old utensils with a new gadget. It takes the fun out of it.

Also, make sure that your gift is going to arrive in time. If you are shopping late, you can still shop online and avoid stores. Your shipping fees might go up, but you'll still be able to wow your Mom and all the other special ladies in your life.

These gifts don't need to be designated and thought of as only Christmas gifts, but as ideas for presents for any time that there is an occasion to give a wonderful woman a thoughtful gift. Bookmark this page, so you come back and see if there is anything else that speaks to you here on this list. You'll be glad you did!

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