Christmas trees can be tricky things to buy, which is why many people opt for having artificial ones. However, there are some ways to help ensure that the tree you choose is a good one.

Luxuriant Christmas Tree Wallpaper

Luxuriant Christmas Tree

Firstly make sure that you measure the space where you intend to put the tree for both height and width. It can be very hard to judge whether what you are buying is the right size when there are so many trees, all different sizes, to choose from. Also make sure that you will be able to get that size of tree back home and through the door. You do not want to lose all of the needles before it is even in place.

Go to a place which is well-lit so it is easy to see the trees but make sure that they store the trees in a shaded area so that they are not drying out too quickly. Ask when the trees arrived because the longer they have been there the more likely it will drop its needles or die before the holiday season is over. You can test for freshness of a Fir tree yourself by breaking a needle, It should snap if it is fresh. A pine tree needles are much softer and will not break unless they are dry, which would indicate they were old. If it is missing lots of needles, has browning leaves and wrinkled bark and has a musty odor then it is likely to be old and drying out. If you are not sure about the tree then do not buy it and you may even have to go elsewhere if none look good.

Christmas Tree under stars

Christmas Tree under stars

Some species are better than others in certain climates. Think about where you will be keeping it and how hot it might be. Then match your conditions to the tree species that you pick and what that species prefers. If you do not know what species to get then look at the NCTA website for information. They will give information about all the species available in your area.

It can seem like quite a hassle, having to remember all of these things when selecting a tree. However, it can be a great fun family activity and everyone can look out for one thing. You can research together the type of tree and size and then all look out for signs of a healthy tree and even find out about where to recycle it while you are there.

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