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It is worth remembering that half a Christmas trees cut weight is water and so to keep it at its best you need to keep it well watered. If it has been outside and is being moved inside, then it will tend to dry out because of the increase in heat and so regular watering is extremely important.

Christmas Tree Stars

Christmas Tree Stars

There are many types of stands or containers but the traditional, reservoir type are the best because they keep the tree at its freshest. However, before putting it in the stand, cut the base, about half an inch should be enough, completely flat. This gets rid of the old dry bit on the bottom and will allow the tree to take up more water. Try not to buy a stand which is too small so you have to cut the tree to fit in it as this will reduce its ability to take up the water. Do not cut it in a point or angle because it will not take up water so well. Make sure the stand can hold enough water for your tree type. It should hold one quart of water for each inch of stem diameter.

Get the tree in to water as soon as possible as they can only take up water 6-8 hours after cutting, any longer and this ability will be reduced. Treat the cut surface with care as any damage will reduce the ability to take up water. Water the tree daily if necessary and check water levels regularly as once its dried out it will start to die.

If you do not have a stand, you can plunge the cut trunk in a bucket of cold water for a few days in a cool place and it should be fine. Even when you put it inside keep it away from heat such as sunlight, heaters or fires because it will take up more water and is also more likely to drop needles or die off.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

When choosing Christmas Lights for the tree try to get small ones which do not produce too much heat as this could dry out the tree. Turn them off when you are out or in bed and make sure you check them before placing on the tree.

If you have chosen a Christmas tree with roots then there are a few other things to think about. Make sure that you get a tree which adapts well to the climate of where you live. Keep the tree sheltered from freezing temperatures but do not allow it to get too hot either. It will need plenty of water. If you have the tree in the house then wrap the root ball to protect it, keep it well watered and when putting it outside make sure you place in an outdoor shed for a while first so it gets used to the climate change. When planing out, keep the root ball solid and stake it so that it doesn’t blow over.

The roots can be very heavy and so rooted trees are much more difficult to manoeuvre than trees without roots.

Christmas trees can be tricky things to buy, which is why many people opt for having artificial ones. However, there are some ways to help ensure that the tree you choose is a good one.

Luxuriant Christmas Tree Wallpaper

Luxuriant Christmas Tree

Firstly make sure that you measure the space where you intend to put the tree for both height and width. It can be very hard to judge whether what you are buying is the right size when there are so many trees, all different sizes, to choose from. Also make sure that you will be able to get that size of tree back home and through the door. You do not want to lose all of the needles before it is even in place.

Go to a place which is well-lit so it is easy to see the trees but make sure that they store the trees in a shaded area so that they are not drying out too quickly. Ask when the trees arrived because the longer they have been there the more likely it will drop its needles or die before the holiday season is over. You can test for freshness of a Fir tree yourself by breaking a needle, It should snap if it is fresh. A pine tree needles are much softer and will not break unless they are dry, which would indicate they were old. If it is missing lots of needles, has browning leaves and wrinkled bark and has a musty odor then it is likely to be old and drying out. If you are not sure about the tree then do not buy it and you may even have to go elsewhere if none look good.

Christmas Tree under stars

Christmas Tree under stars

Some species are better than others in certain climates. Think about where you will be keeping it and how hot it might be. Then match your conditions to the tree species that you pick and what that species prefers. If you do not know what species to get then look at the NCTA website for information. They will give information about all the species available in your area.

It can seem like quite a hassle, having to remember all of these things when selecting a tree. However, it can be a great fun family activity and everyone can look out for one thing. You can research together the type of tree and size and then all look out for signs of a healthy tree and even find out about where to recycle it while you are there.

There can be a big difference between different types of Christmas trees. Some are not available in some areas and so where you live may be a factor in determining the types that you get to choose from. For example Noble or Douglas firs are most popular in the Pacific Northwest whereas in North Carolina and Fraser Fir are more common. However if you order by mail order then you can pretty much choose whatever you like.

Christmas Tree Nature

Christmas Tree Nature

Colorado Blue Spruce

This is one of the most popular trees among people who want living Christmas trees. The color can be blue but is more likely to be silver or gray. It grows in a conical shape naturally and so there is little need for pruning it. It tends to grow in Southern Canada and Northern USA but it can usually be found in most nurseries or retail tree lots.

Noble Fir

The Noble Fir has strong branches and stays fresh for a long time. The needles can look silvery although they are blue/green in color. It can be used to make wreaths and other decorations because the branches are so strong.

Douglas Fir

This is one of the most popular Christmas tree in the USA. It tends to be grown in the Pacific Northwest and is shipped all over the country and even to Asia. It has a pyramid shape and smells sweet.

Norway Spruce

Christmas Tree Fireplace

Christmas Tree Fireplace

This is a conical shaped tree which tends to drop needles easily so needs to be keep very well watered. It is dark green in color.

Virginia Pine

This tree has short soft needles and stout woody branches and is conical in shape. It is good for holding ornaments but the dark green needles can turn yellow in late fall which means it needs a tree colorant to keep it green. It is popular though and was originally the main tree for offer in the south east USA.

Eastern White Pine

This tree has a really nice cone shape and soft needles. It is blue or silvery green in color but the branches are not that strong so heavy ornaments do not work that well. The tree can turn yellow if it is old and so tree colorants may need to be used. It does not have much of a smell and therefore is less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Arizona Cypress

This tree is commonly found along the east coast of south and south west areas of USA. It tends to be in cut-your-own places and has a lovely smell. It is tall and thin and and is pale green or gray green.

Scotch Pine

The color can vary quite a bit from bright green to dark green and even sometimes a blue green color. The branches are strong so great for hanging heavy decorations and the needles do not drop very much. It stays fresh for a long time. It also has a nice conical shape.

Eastern Red Cedar

This tree can dry out quickly which is why it tends to be sold at cut-your-own farms. It has a pretty cone shape and the colour varies from dark green to purple.

Fraser Fir

Lonely Christmas Tree

Lonely Christmas Tree

This is a strong tree which can hold heavy decorations and it grown in North Carolina. Its strength means that the branches are often used to make wreaths and other decorations. It keeps its needles well and they are dark green or even blueish on the top and silvery underneath. It has a nice smell and it is for this reason as well as the nice color which makes it one of the most popular trees.

Leyland Cypress

This tree is not fragrant and is often used as an ornamental landscape plant in England and South East USA. However, it has recently become more popular as a Christmas tree in this area of the USA. It is dark-green to gray in color and is a cone shape.

Balsam Fir

This tree is a pyramid shape and dark green. The needles tend to stay on the tree for a very long time and it has a nice smell. It is very popular in Canada as well as North USA.